VESTEL Defence Industry is an organization providing services for the defense industry as a subsidiary of VESTEL Group of Companies which is the flagship of ZORLU Group. VESTEL is one of the strongest actors in Turkish and international markets of its industry, and is among the greatest producers in the world. VESTEL Defence was founded in 2003 with infrastructure of this leading competence.

It was decided to enter into the Defense and Aviation industry by making investments into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems with a Mini UAV Project initiated by the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry in 2005 and developing completely original UAVs. VESTEL Defence has broad knowledge and experience in terms of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles thanks to its operations from 2005 until today. Having the abilities to design, produce and test completely original products for operations requiring Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in every level, it is the leading UAV platform producer in Turkey.

VESTEL Defence has successfully overcome design and production duties of hardware elements in Class G Battle Management System (G-GSYS) GENESIS Project of Turkey in the System Integration Activities area. It has gained expertise in military standard multi-functional console design and production, and has been providing console solutions with high reliability, easy maintenance, and low operation costs by using COTS devices as much as possible by the experience and top level engineering structure it has achieved.

VESTEL Defence is the only company to develop Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Armored vehicles by conducting actual research and development works in the defense industry with its competent R&D personnel infrastructure since 2004 in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (KOYP) Technology area which does not have serial production in the world yet. In addition, it has been conducting many products for productization by receiving R&D supports in cooperation with many Universities and Institutes conducting works in this area.

Since its establishment, VESTEL Defence has been working for gaining expertise in globally developing or uniquely specific areas and developing original products in these areas using completely national resources with support of ZORLU Group in order to reduce foreign dependency and to contribute to the power of the Turkish Defense Industry.

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